Michelin Tires

From a distance, most tires look alike. Close up, the tire maker’s name is visible. And that makes a world of difference. Learn more about the Michelin difference.

The engineers at Michelin have done it again with the introduction of the zero-pressure, run-flat, high-performance MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport PS2™ ZP™ tire for the Chevrolet Corvette C5 and C6. Specifically designed for these Corvette models, it brings legendary handling, and best-in-class cornering…all in the Zero Pressure™ package. It's fast. It's quiet. It lasts. To see how much faster this tire truly is…check out Ron Fellow's amazing lap time at Road Atlanta in the video below. Be sure to visit this site often for more information about the MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport PS2™ ZP™.